The Team

Team Approach

The uniqueness of service delivery at Movéo lies in our team approach to client care. The coordinated
effort of our multidisciplinary team ensures that each client receives the right kind of treatment
at the right time in the course of their rehabilitation. Open communication between practitioners
in addition to the referring physician ensures that care is focused and efficient.

Clients typically require fewer treatment sessions due to the increased efficacy of having a
“team” working on their case.


Practitioner Team

Dr. Jenn Turner 
BPHE (Hons), 
Director, Chiropractor & Certified ART® Provider
Holly Samson
RMT, Registered Massage Therapist
Dr. Sarah Jung
Chiropractor, Certified ART® Provider
Kristie Elliot, RMT, BKin
Registered Massage Therapist

Meghan Meagher,
Registered Physiotherapist

Dr. Kim Graham, Dr. TCM
Doctor of Traditional
Chinese Medicine
Registered Acupuncturist 

Larissa Vishniakoff,
Registered Physiotherapist


Reception Team

Shevawn Case
Office Manager

Our Team Is Working For You

Movéo is driven to provide optimal, individualized care in a unique team-based setting. We are an enthusiastic team, with each clinician bringing valuable rehabilitative skills to the practice. Diverse personal experience in sport and athletics provides us with insight into the difficulties encountered by athletes and continually fuels our interest in sport rehabilitation.

Our team members are involved locally and internationally in various sports including triathlons, mountain biking, adventure racing, snowboarding, running, paddling, and soccer.

We are dedicated to continuing education, constantly learning the latest rehabilitation skills through post-graduate training in sports, orthopedics, and neurology. Movéo also has a strong presence in the community, with our team members volunteering at various local events and providing sponsorship for local athletes. At Movéo, it is our goal to create an environment where every client feels as though they are part of our team.