Hello Dr. Jenn,

Many thanks for getting all the kinks out before the Okanagan Marathon, Oct. 12/08. It was my best one yet. Not only did I reach my fund-raising goal for the 8th time, with the Joints-in-Motion Arthritis Team, I won my category with a gold medal AND qualified for Boston! At 72!

Violet Holmes


So this past season has been one of my best ever. I had a rough idea of the things I thought I was capable of and proceeded to surpass all of them. I'm still in a state of shock. A week ago I was being interviewed after the world championships in Italy and one of the questions was What was different about this year? Why was it so much better? I asked myself Did I train differently? Not really. Did I stay healthy? Yes but I was healthy the previous season as well. What was it then? It came to me. I've been getting treated by Dr. Jenn Turner a chiropractic and ART Therapist on a very regular basis. What has this done for me? Working with Jenn I have been able to recover properly after hard workouts but also adress things that might be flaring up and hindering performance before they become big issues. In cycling it is very important that you have full range of your muscles because if the slightest area is binding up you lose a lot of power. With Jenn I can show up for my treatment and I don't have to tell her my problems. She knows what's wrong right away and quickly goes to work and I leave feeling like something has really been accomplished. So when I look back on this season and reflect on the Olympics and World championships I owe a lot of my thanks to Jenn Turner.

Thank you Jenn and Moveo Sport.

Svein Tuft
7 th Place , 2008 Olympics Time Trial
2 nd Place , 2008 World Championships, Time Trial
3 rd Place , 2008 Tour of Missouri

“Being an adventure racer, I was somewhat skeptical about trying ART. We tend to accept injury and take it as part of our sport, but I injured my glute in a kayaking mishap, and it just wasn’t going away. My wife introduced me to Jenn Turner of Moveo, and figuring I had little to lose, I decided to try it.

I’m now a convert. Within 2 days of Jenn’s 1 st ART session, the pain had almost disappeared and I wasn’t sure whether I would need a second treatment. I decided to go ahead, and can say with absolute conviction , it completely fixed the problem.

I would highly recommend Jenn’s treatment to anyone suffering chronic muscle pain, it was a huge relief.”

Participant of 6 Eco Challenge Races
I want to thank Dr. Jenn Turner for all of the support. Her work is much more than one would typically think of a chiropractor, and she has been a great help in keeping me fit this season.

Will Routley
Symmetrics Professional Cycling team
Winner- Tour de White Rock, 2007


Robyn - I wanted to let you know that I was published in Sport Karate Magazine March-June 2007 Issue 93 edition after the tournament that you helped get me ready for!

I have been doing really well and appreciate your help in recovering from my sports injuries. I received top points in Adult Male Sparring in North America and was also given a certificate to mark my membership to team Canada in 2005 for WKC Karate full contact sparring. I have also won gold medals at the West Coast Canadian American championships, Tiger Balm International, Fireball Challenge, and Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships. Currently, I casually teach at the Simon Fraser University Mixed Martial Arts Club.

Thank you very much for all of your great work! I have told everyone that you are the one to go to for sports injuries!

- Deyer

"Whitewater kayaking requires lots of rapid shoulder movements and twisting of the body, along with sitting in a small, tight, uncomfortable craft for a few hours at a time. Being as addicted as we are, it's nearly impossible to keep us off the water for a day to rest our muscles!...Leah and her team at Moveo keep us moving on the water!"

- Annie and Dennis

In my many years of military service, and competitive sports, I have incurred repetitive injuries to my back, hips, and left hamstring. As a result, I have seen many rehabilitation professionals over the years, none of which seemed to ascertain a definitive diagnosis for the root of the injuries. Recently another hamstring pull sent me to a new GP Dr. Rubin, who immediately referred me to a sport medicine doctor, Dr. K. Buschmann. Both doctors were more knowledgeable of recurring sports injuries than any previous visited. Dr Buschmann prescribed chiropractor treatments in conjunction with physiotherapy at Moveo Sport & Rehabilitation Centre. At Moveo, I received treatment from Dr. Jenn Turner and Physiotherapist Robyn Smith. I strongly believe, for a medical practitioner to excel at treating sports injuries, they need to play sports or participate in athletic recreational activities themselves. How else do they relate to needs and concerns for a speedy recovery desired by every athlete. Movéo's medial practitioners are just that, athletes. They understand the deep-seated desire of athletic people to get back to top form as soon as possible without causing future injury. The other benefit to receiving treatment at Movéo, and from Jen & Robyn specifically is their team effort at treating you. Their interaction and consultation with each other is unprecedented in my opinion. It allows for the two of them to work in conjunction and develop a treatment plan that compounds the results. Their relationship also adds to the wonderful and inviting atmosphere and ambiance within the clinic. Plain and simple Movéo is the only place you need to go to receive the very best in sports rehabilitation. If not for their treatment I would not have been physically prepared to achieve my new profession as a fire fighter. Thanks very much!

-Stuart J. Stephenson

Over the years I have worked with several different doctors and can say with certainty that Dr. Turner is an outstanding practitioner. She is both thorough and passionate about her work which is reflected in her level of care. Dr. Turner is not satisfied with a quick, perhaps temporary fix. She takes the time to correctly diagnose the problem, provides great treatment and prescribes exercises which target the root causes of back pain.

- Andrew Pinfold, Symmetrics Cycling Team

I can't say treatment with Leah always feels fantastic, but it keeps me and my teammates in the game!! I highly recommend her and the team at Movéo!

- Lindsay, Capillano Rugby Club

I had been seeing Leah for a little over a year when I moved to Vancouver Island. I tried several therapists on Vancouver Island and I just wasn't seeing the results I needed. So now I travel all the way back to North Vancouver to see Leah and she gets me back in shape to hit the gym!

- Lisa

I have seen several different doctors in the past but the various treatments for my injuries have not been totally successful. Seeking out another option led me to Movéo. The moment I stepped into the clinic I found it to be warm and welcoming with a very positive atmosphere.

The physiotherapists are very knowledgeable and reassuring and gave me complete confidence in their ability to treat my injuries. As I continue on with martial arts training seven days a week and competing at a national level, injuries are a constant. I have become a regular at Movéo. I look forward to seeing the staff each visit. I have had great success with the treatment provided to me. All the staff at Movéo are knowledgeable, warm, caring and positive people. Each client that walks through the door receives the very best that the staff has to offer.

- Sarah Kearney, National Team Martial Arts

Jenn Turner worked with me and my team daily while competing in Europe during the Europa Cup tour. Our training and race schedule was rigorous and I couldn't have competed at the level I did without her there to fix me every couple of days. She is very knowledgeable and an awesome chiropractor, more than that she's a great person to work with. Thanks Jenn!

- Justin Kripps
  Bobsled Canada, 2010 Olympic Hopeful
  2007 Canadian Champion (4-man)


Jason Lee (physiotherapist), was very knowledgable and helpful.  He helped me aceive a speedy recovery on some sports injuries. Thanks!

- RJ Houston